About Us 

Pinner Private Tutoring offers individually tailored lessons for all ages - Reception to Sixth Form as well as proofreading services for University Students. 

We are a locally based company employing a carefully recruited team of highly experienced tutors to ensure that every child has their individual learning needs met.

We do not follow standard programmes of study, but seek to identify any gaps in your child's levels and plan one to one lessons to support your child in these areas, depending on your learning objectives. These range from helping your child keep up with the curriculum, to preparing for specific exams or ensuring that they are challenged and extended outside of the school curriculum. 

All our tutors either have worked, or are working, in educational settings.They therefore have knowledge and experience of the school curriculum and it's expectations, as well as the additional skills required for exams such as 11+ which are not coached at school. 

Pinner Private Tutoring prides itself understanding individual children and developing a three way learning partnership with parents. The personality and their rapport with the tutor is of paramout importance to us as we believe that is key to inspiring their learning. 

Special Educational Needs:

All our tutors have experience of working with SEN children. The Pinner Private Tutoring ethos is to tailor each child's learning to their individual needs. We are therefore proud to welcome all children regardless of educational needs and we will tailor our sessions to suit each unique child. 


The Safety of your child whilst under the supervision of our Tutors is our first concern. All our Tutors are DBS checked and have provided credible references from both parents and employers in keeping with our Safe Recruitment Policy.