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Your Unique Child

If you are looking for a tutor who is able to focus on your child's individual needs then private one to one tuition is the best solution.


Pinner Private Tutoring is dedicated to providing an individual learning plan based on your child's unique learning needs.  We take the time to get to know your child and to build flexible learning plans based on what is best for your child and their learning objectives. 


Many children need additional support with Maths and Pinner Private Tutoring believe that in the early years a one to one Maths tutor can inspire confidence in the basic methods and logic which underpin more advanced Reasoning and Techniques.

Maths tuition at Pinner Private Tutoring is designed to give your child the confidence in fundamental methods and cover any gaps in learning to prepare them for group/class lessons as they move towards 11+ and beyond. 

For pupils that  need additional Maths support Pinner Private Tutoring employs a Maths specialist who will assess and agree a learning plan to support your child in the areas required. 


English is a subject that may, more than any other, need to be tailored to your child's individual needs, especially for bi-lingual or children with English as an Additional Language.

Pinner Private Tutoring take pride in getting to know your individual child's needs and supporting them in any areas that they need for their learning objectives.  

Whether this is to help them with achieving improved levels at school or whether they are working towards a particular exam or test, lessons are individually tailored to inspire confidence and help them get the best results. 

Specialised 11+ English, Maths VR and NVR 

Pinner Private Tutoring specialise in all aspects of 11+ Preparation. We have a long track record of success in tutoring children successfully to a pass in both Grammar and Independent Schools.

Pinner Private Tutoring will analyse the specific skills required for the 11+, including those not taught as part of the national curriculum.  

Your child's individual learning plan will ensure that the right skills are coached in preparation for the exam.

We cover South Hertfordshire Consortium (for Watford Grammar), Buckinghamshire Transfer Test, all other Bucks schools, Queen Elizabeth Boys and Henrietta Barnett Girls.

Tution for all Independent Schools is also available including but not restricted to: Merchant Taylors, Haberdashers' Aske's, St. Paul's, St Helen's, North London Collegiate, St. Helen's and all North London Consortium Schools. 

In The News
Merchant Taylors introduces new style" General" Paper

In addition to the usual exam papers Merchant Taylors School has announced that they are introducing a new paper this year.

Their website describes this as a "general" Paper that will test for wider knowledge of the world and creative ideas.


Speculation is rife amongst parents but no-one yet knows what the paper will be like as MT are refusing to issue a sample or practice test.

For all those who have boys taking this exam this year PPT parents would love your feedback!  

KS1 and KS2 SATS 

SATS Assessments continue to cause controversy with the new style 2016 exams presenting more challenging questions than before. 

Both children and parents feel themselves under a lot of pressure whilst preparing for these exam. Familiarising your child with the format and some practice papers is good preparation.

You can find samples of the new style papers at:


Government addressing the lack of Grammar School education opportunities - will this be in time for your child? 

If you are reading this site then you must be a supporter of the Grammar School system, providing those with academic ability from all backgrounds the chance to be extended and challenged during their important academic years, giving them the chance to realise their full potential. 

However the controversy from opposers to these reforms threaten to delay their implementation significantly. If you would like to show your support for this reform or get further information go to: